Our design team will create your designs from scratch. After our initial briefing we will be able to produce eye catching solutions that use the technology to its best effect.


Where existing design concepts are to be used – our team will verify the design and suggest any alterations for submission - to ensure that it is compatible with the ActivPrint technology.

Briefing We will work with your design team to refine your concept within the ActivPrint technical specifications.

Design Work Our in-house design team will either work alongside your existing design team to verify your submitted designs, or handle the complete design process on your behalf.

Pick a Size Cost is based on size. ActivPrint is cut from set sheets, and like fabric the cost is calculated from both how much is used and how much is thrown away. Basic costs can be calculated from cm2 – as per table found on the cost page.

Programming Once created, the animated steps of the final design GIF or FLASH ANIMATION need to be programmed onto the board. This one-off process leads to the creation of a sample for sign-off.

Production Each individual ActivPrint product is unique – so production costs are single-drop and volume driven. Standard lead times are 4 weeks from order.